You reckon Ben Cutting and Chris Lynn are exchanging Christmas Cards?

Wow - if you missed the BBL last night, you missed a bit of spice.

Ben Cutting was a stalwart for the Heat for many years, but is now in the Thunder camp.

In case you missed it, in the past few days, Cutting has taken aim at the Heat organisation for pushing him out the door.

Eight seasons Cutting played for the Heat, but was not wanted in 2020.

He and a few others were shown the door, most notably James Pattison and Matt Renshaw - with the Heat freshening up their roster.

So when big Cutts walked out to the middle last night, Chris Lynn was ready to have a quiet word with him.

It's pretty clear these two don't like each other.

Cutting got interviewed after losing his wicket and added fuel to the fire, suggesting that Lynn hadn't called Cutting after his departure from the Heat.

So there's plenty of storylines out of last night.

Ricky Ponting and Shane Warne have mounted a fair bit of criticism on the Heat tactics and the execution of their bowling.

Daniel Sams destroyed Brisbane, 65 off 25 balls.

Sams is the bloke who has made more ducks than Glenn McGrath in recent times, but he finally realised his potential in burying the Heat.

The night was capped with Cutting and Lynn giving each other the most awkward fist bump of all-time.

Lynn managed a smile, Cutting didn't.

If the Heat can't win that game, they are going to find it hard to win one at all.

Lynn made 69, they had the Thunder 5-80 in the 11th over.

The Heat were un-backable favourites, Ben Laughlin produced probably the worst over he's ever bowled, gifting Daniel Sims a couple of maximums.

I'm a Heat supporter but it's getting to panic stations territory right now.

The good news for the Heat?

Well there's a couple of things, they get a lot of home games coming up and it looks as though Joe Burns will be available for them soon.

Perhaps a step back to some hit and giggle of T20 is exactly what Burns needs!

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