Wouldn't mind watching this Aussie XI

It's the lunch break on Day 5.

Australia should still win but jeez we're not exactly making it easy for ourselves.

Painey has dropped Pant twice off Lyon!

Anyways, I thought I'd spend 20 minutes putting together the most entertaining Aussie Test XI in my lifetime.

For those playing along at home, I'm 32.

Now it's based on entertainment, but also we want to win the hypothetical test match - I'd be happy to pick this side to win anything.

Now, if you don't agree, that's fine. Please let me know what you think, but don't be a Karen about it - just stay calm and control your emotions.

Here we go.

Matt Hayden - Loved watching the big QLD'er dominate oppositions. Perhaps a bit of a flat track bully but would like to see him walk down the pitch again to a few fast bowlers and put them back over their head once het's set.

Michael Slater - I'm not a huge fans of Slats in the commentary box but as an opening batsman he really took the bowlers on. He was very entertaining and formed a great partnership with Tubby Taylor and later on, with Greg Blewett. Slater pips Tubby himself and Justin Langer in this side.

Ricky Ponting (C) - No question who bats 3, Punter was an absolute star. Second leading run scorer in the history of test cricket, only Sachin Tendulkar has more.

His pull shot was something special and he batted with a grit and determination, Punter will also skipper the side.

Mark Waugh - Beautiful to watch, the clip off the pads or the cut shot were majestic. Might have done his best work in One Day Internationals, but he was so good to watch and in this team that hypothetically will play no one, he's fielding at second slip and bowling a couple of offies.

Steve Smith - Somehow, Smithy's star is still seemingly on the rise, Smudge nudges out Michael Hussey, Pup Clarke and Damien Martyn for this middle order position. He didn't set the world on fire initially in his test career, but Smith's apparent work ethic and eye for the cricket ball makes him brilliant to watch.

Steve Waugh - We'd have to make sure Tugga Waugh could get along with Warney in this side, if he can't then he's out, because there's no way Warney is going anywhere! I did love Steve Waugh in his day, the last ball boundary to bring up his test century in Sydney against England is one of the great moments in the history of sport.

Adam Gilchrist - The bloke who revolutionised the whole wicket-keeping thing! Gilly's 100 against the Poms in Perth is still my most watched YouTube video of all-time.

Poor old Freddy Flintoff must still have a sore neck from watching the ball fly over his head and into the stands.

Shane Warne - Simply the best, the King. Two or three lines doesn't do justice to how good Warne was and of course - he was the ultimate entertainer.

Mitchell Johnson - Didn't Mitch Johnson go on an absolute tear for a couple of seasons, namingly against the Poms and South Africa. He had a bit of fire and he had speed and bounce! He hasn't got the best record in tests, but 313 wickets from 73 matches is a decent return and he's going to fill the intimidatory role, nudging out Brett Lee for that spot!

Ryan Harris - The bloke was riddled with injury but when he was on, boy was he on. Remember the first baller to Alistair Cook - one of the great deliveries of all-time. 113 wickets from his 27 tests @ an average of 23.5 - he was seriously good and just nudges out Josh Hazlewood in my side who I think is seriously underrated.

Glenn McGrath - Arguably the best seem bowler to ever play test cricket. I say arguably, don't get too fired up if you don't agree, I know there's others. McGrath's record is simply incredible, 563 wickets @ 21.6, everyone loved pigeon McGrath and he's done some wonderful things with the Pink Test and Jane McGrath Foundation in retirement.

There we have it - pretty good side, maybe not all of them are the best in their position, but it's a combination of skill and entertainment factor.

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