Who's playing QLD Premier Rugby finals?


QLD Premier Rugby is tight and this weekend of action is going to be shit hot.

Stay with me here.

UQ play Bond. Easts play Brothers. The other side in the Top 4 is GPS, they've got the bye.

Surely I haven't lost you yet.

If UQ beat Bond, they'll be minor premiers and Bond - unless they get a bonus point in that loss and Brothers get destroyed by Easts - then Bond will be done for the year.


If UQ happen to lose to Bond, then that'll put Bond into the finals.

If Bond are in the finals, that'll mean that either Brothers or GPS will miss out. However, Brothers have their fate in their own hands also, if they beat Easts, they too are definitely playing finals.

In fact, get this, if Brothers were to beat Easts by a bit of a margin, and UQ were to lose to Bond by a bit, Brothers could in fact finish minor premiers.

Here's the ladder, there's more congestion than Coronation Drive in peak hour.

Unbelievable! Either UQ, Easts or Brothers could be minor premiers after this weekend. This competition is so close.

Have I lost you yet?

It's fair to say that UQ and Easts have probably been the benchmark all year, Bond the big improvers, whilst GPS and Brothers - the old stalwarts - have just gone about their business. Come Ballymore, anyone of those five could win it all.

So, in summary, if you're a GPS supporter this weekend, you're cheering on UQ and Easts! Come Saturday afternoon, there's going to be one of either GPS, Brothers or Bond that miss out on finals in 2020. That's pretty stiff!

Oh, for those joining us for the first time, there's actually 9 teams in the comp but the bottom 4 have no chance. Funnily enough, obviously the way the draw has worked out, they play each other this weekend.

We'll preview the two big games later in the week, that'll hit by Friday, but an early look is very exciting with all teams welcoming back their respective Queensland Reds squad members, even though UQ and Wests got a taste of that on Sunday already.

In fact, we might even get our good friends at Play Up to put together some early markets for us, let's make some money on this thing.

Hoopert, Smith, Stewart & Creighton back for Brothers is formidable. They also get young Harry Vella back into this mix. Will they gel right away, will they all start? Who knows!

Blyth and Mafi for Bond is a big boost too.

By the way, now that I've gone and done all that math, if there's any draws this weekend then I just simply can't help you working out who's made it and who hasn't.

QLD Premier Rugby, it's heating up! See you Friday.


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