Who do you support in the Aus Open final?

This is tough.

Djokovic who no one really likes.

Or Daniil Medvedev, which definitely no one likes.

Maybe on that logic - you'd say you back the Joker.

Remember when Medvedev did this last year?

What a freakin jerk.

If it's not Medvedev being a dick, then you've got Joker smashing racquets and just generally being a polarising character.

In terms of who wins, it's going to be a ripping match, I actually fear as though Medvedev might be the man to conquer or indeed join the BIG 3 in tennis.

That's been coming for some time however and is yet to eventuate.

I reckon the crowd will actually be supporting the Joker as he goes for his 9th Aussie Open title and searching for his third in a row.

I'll back the Joker, both because I want him to win and whilst I am not Novak's biggest fan, I think Medvedev is a loser.

I reckon this could go 5 sets but, so pop on the kettle and get settled in.

That's my technical tennis analysis done for the day - bring on the footy.

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