Where the Melbourne Renegades will finish this year

Ahhh the Renegades, also known as “last seasons punching bag”.

The team were reigning champions but won just 3 games all season to find themselves well and truly last on the Ladder.

It was one of the great title defences.

Looking at their squad, I don’t really know how it happened though, there is boat loads of talent on this team that can win you more than 3 games, I reckon at least 4 surely.

Aaron Finch, Marcus Harris, Shaun Marsh, Mohammad Nabi, James Pattinson, Kane Richardson.

All players who have played internationally.

What I think their massive problem here, is their bowling attack.

Yes Pattinson and Richardson are elite bowlers, but well they don’t play any games?

Both are usually in Aussie squads and what makes it worse is that they are usually only 12th or 13th men.

This leaves the team spearheaded by...Andrew Fekete and Cameron Boyce? Don’t get me wrong, great bowlers, but should probably be your 3rd or 4th best bowlers on a title team. This lack of depth showed too, with the team being absolutely belted around the park last season.

The team has identified this and well...Tried to improve the situation by signing a 41 year old and a 15 year old.

No I’m serious.

The Gades have secured the services of Imran Tahir from South Africa and Noor Ahmad from Afghanistan. I can’t predict how much impact these two will have on the game but the fact that there is a 26 year age gap between them is hilarious to me.

The rescheduled Summer of Aussie Cricket should also benefit the team too, meaning Aaron Finch can stick around much longer than usual and players like Shaun Marsh and Harris aren’t at risk of being pulled into an extended squad somewhere down the line.

My confidence in their batting line-up because of this is slightly higher than the bowling. They certainly have players who can score runs and are honestly quite deep if any injuries pop up for some of their middle order batsman in the season. Other than Finch though, no stand outs.

I’m sure the Gades will be competitive in most of the games they play, being within reaching distance of winning most games just because of their depth but I can’t see them snatching too many wins, particularly in close games.

I think their International signings are quite disappointing and I’m sure they could’ve signed a better strike bowler somewhere along the line this season. Even someone like Ben Laughlin who signed with the Heat would have been a steady veteran force for the team. I’m sure they are spewing they no longer have Siddle too.

The bowling attack worries me greatly and with that I predict that they will once again finish 8th on the ladder as they won’t be able to defend any totals against good batting line-ups.

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