Where's Shane Watson when you need him?

How shit are our DRS reviews?

I don't know the stats, I'm too hungover to both with that level of research, but it seems we never get them right.

Yesterday skipper Tim Paine was convinced that Cheteshwar Pujara had got an inside edge to short leg, he was well supported by Nathan Lyon.

But despite there appearing to be a pretty healthy gap between bat and ball - and nothing really showing on DRS - the Aussies remained convinced Pujara had hit the ball.

Painey went on to swear in the direction of umpire Paul Wilson, despite the fact he is obviously not the third umpire - work that one out.

Paine will be fined 50% of his match payment or something like that, so it'll cost him some coin.

But seriously, we need to get better at referring these decisions to third umpire.

The only possible solution is to bring back Shane Watson.

He was really good at it - remember!?

Perhaps Watto can come in do a 'DRS' academy and educate our boys on the grounds for referring a decision to the third umpire.

Poor old Watto got out so many times to LBW, some of them had to be wrong!

I'd say the first and most obvious criteria is that, well in the Pujara decision for instance, is that Pujara actually hits the ball and it doesn't just balloon high of his pad.

That'd be the first place I'd start.

But then carrying on like the skipper did, regardless of the decision being right or wrong - not a good look.

I am a Tim Paine fan, don't get me wrong, but that wasn't his finest moment.

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