When everything just runs second or third

This is getting a bit ridiculous.

Just about every freakin horse that I back runs a place.

I haven't yet cottoned on to the fact that I should perhaps change up my staking plan to include a lot more place punting.

I am a slow learner.

There was a couple in Sydney on the weekend as an example that I liked and you could argue that they didn't have the best of luck.

How about Sausedge, we backed it at $9 on Thursday night, did you see it's run after missing the start? It's the one screaming up the rail.

Then there was Get Stuck In @ Doomben, backed it @ $10's and the money for it just before the jump suggested we were on to a good thing.

What happened, well it got nailed on the line by the even money favourite - ouch!

Before that, we also backed Bigboyroy in Sydney, Kerrin McEvoy never saw daylight on it, it was a very tough watch. Thought McEvoy could have gone back to the inside at the top of the straight perhaps? Watch for the green colours third on the fence as they turn - farrrrk.

Then the clincher for the day was Jonker getting nutted on the line by Hard Empire. Pressured early, which to be fair we thought would happen, Jonker seemed to have kicked clear and had the race in his keeping. Then Hard Empire emerged, of course it did.

Placing, after placing, after placing.

Next week I'll be including some place betting in the staking plan, Saturday's scorecard read 1 winner (Isotope in the last Brisbane), 4 placings & two 4th's!

Close but not profitable - we'll be ready to go next week!

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