What would you do with $50 million per year?

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

It was something that James Harden had to consider.

But now the Houston Rockets superstar has told the organisation he wants out, despite being offered a staggering $50m a season.

Ya kidding?

Let's have some fun with this.

That's $961,538 a week.

It's $137,362 per day.

Or if you're looking at it in terms of games, he'd be earning just shy of $700,000 per game, based on a 72-game season.

Fair dinkum.

But anyways, Harden has said, no thanks fellas, I want a trade and he wants to get to Brooklyn to team up with his old mate Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.


Another NBA super team is being formed, well potentially at lease, and these guys will be formidable.

Lakers vs Brooklyn in the NBA Finals in 2021, yes please!

It'll be interesting to see how Houston handle this, their superstar wants to leave but he is worth an absolute shit tonne of money. So the Rockets need to make a trade as Harden has a couple of years left on his contract.

Without this move, it'd be pretty fair to suggest that Harden would be out of NBA finals contention for some years with the Rockets also likely to lose Russell Westbrook.

Not that they really made a charge last year.

So $50m a year knocked back, regardless of what happens, he'll probably still earn something like $30m - $40m a year.

It's probably enough to put food on the table and maybe spruce up the wardrobe.

He'll be right and you'd be a brave man to suggest he won't have an NBA championship if the Brooklyn super team gets put together.

Fuck that's a lot of money.

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