What's the fastest man on the planet worth?

$2m over 4 years, that's what Canterbury has offered.

Or they reckon it's beyond $2m, so perhaps we could say it's something like $2.4m over 4 years.


Being an experienced NRL Dream Team player myself, I feel as though I have the right to make comment on these sorts of trades and acquisitions in this great game we call rugby league.

You look at some of the contracts that have been handed out over the past few years and relative to some of those, Josh Addo-Carr is worth $600k a season, plain and simple.

Jack Bird in Brisbane, Matt Moylan with Cronulla, Ben Hunt to a certain extent with the Dragons.

Just ask Phil Gould, Josh Addo-Carr is the fastest man in the world.

The Fox has played 105 games for the Storm and will remain there in 2021 on a reported $375,000 salary.

Not bad!

He's now a veteran of 9 games in the NSW jersey and has a further 2 caps for the Kangaroos.

79 tries from those 105 matches in the NRL, it's a pretty impressive strike rate, admittedly he has been on the end of some pretty good backlines.

Addo-Carr is an entertainer, he puts bums on seats, so from the Bulldogs perspective, you've probably got both the coaching staff and the commercial department both agreeing on this purchase.

There's rumours too - don't we love rumours - that Addo-Carr is eyeing a move to fullback. Not so sure about that, you'd want him finishing the tries and chasing the kicks, not necessarily being the bloke that throws the last pass or stabs one in behind the line.

So I think he's a winger and he's a bloody good winger.

$600k a year? It's a lot of money for a winger, I get it, but I think whilst it is a big salary, it's a good signing for Canterbury - should it happen - for the sake of attracting other headline players to the club.

Provided you've got a forward pack that can lay the foundation and a backline that can capitalise on opportunities, then Addo-Carr can score you some tries.

So if the Dogs' came to me and asked if I could green light this offer, I would give them the go ahead, I think the Fox is a good signing, but you wouldn't want to be paying anything more than what we've speculated.

Jeez it'd be hard to leave Melbourne but, that organisation is just so bloody good!

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