What's Kevvie Walters wanting for Christmas?

Can you believe it's Christmas already?

If you're a Broncos supporter, like me, than you're pretty pleased with the fact that 2020 is nearing to an end.

Let's not do a recap - it was a fair sh!t show.

So new coach Kevvie Walters has a lot on his plate, he'll no doubt have a family Christmas and presumably a quiet new year - I don't picture him dancing with Alfie on the tables @ the Caxton.

What do you think Kevvie has wished for for Christmas?

I reckon he might have a decent list!

But what would be at the top?

I reckon, above everything else, it's a firing Anthony Milford in 2021.

Remember the Anthony Milford that we bought from Canberra? The one that was really bloody exciting!

He came up to Brisbane full of promise but it would be fair to say he hasn't quite realised the potential. That's fair isn't it?

Can you believe this'll be the Milf's 7th season with the Broncos! That caught me by surprise.

He's played 138 games in Brisbane colours and we're all banking on him producing his best from game 139 onwards.

Is Kevin Walters the man to get the best out of Milf? He's only 26 years of age, he's still got some good years left him. Hopefully a good 6-7 you'd hope!

Is his best position in the halves? I am not sure it is. He can't play with the flare and freedom that we saw him demonstrate in Canberra. In a way, we might have negated his best asset.

I am sure uncle Kev knows more than me and he'll put him in the right jersey, but jeez I'd love to see Milf play with less structure.

With Kotoni Staggs sidelined until mid-way through the season, Milford is one that really needs to stand up.

So on Christmas Day, I reckon Kevvie might have swapped out the traditional jocks and socks stocking fillers, I think he'll be hoping to get the best out of Anthony Milford and to get the mighty Broncos back into finals contention!

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