What is Inside Feed?

For those of you who are first time visitors to our site, welcome to Inside Feed!

Whilst our website and social media pages have been active for a little while now, we are no doubt unfamiliar to some.

In its current form, Inside Feed will cover sports and all the drama that surrounds it, whilst also talking about all things youth culture, fashion and anything else that is topical for people within our demographic. Perhaps we might even chat about current affairs. Where we end up in time will be guided by our audience and what they want to see.

For now, it won't be all sports, Badminton isn't overly exciting to us, but every mainstream sport that anyone generally gives an F about will get attention on Inside Feed.

The people working within Inside Feed are average folk, just like you. We obviously love sport, Friday afternoon beers, Saturday afternoon beers and sometimes, Sunday afternoon beers. We're fanatics, we're patriotic and we're in punters clubs and fantasy competitions. We're mostly failed athletes that have a story about 'our day' and how good we were once upon a time.

We realise there are many places you will go to consume your sports content, our goal is to provide you with a platform and content that is unique and one that appeals to people like us. You won't necessarily get all the sports results from Inside Feed, you'll get opinion, predictions, tips and some laughs. We will do our best to entertain you.

We are currently producing written content and short form video content for social media channels. Very soon, we will transition to creating more organic content, including podcast and video.

If you haven't already done so, you can follow us on all your favourite social media channels with the handle @insidefeedhq and subscribe (it's FREE) to our website. We also have some fresh kit to check out via our online Shop, see link above in the navigation panel.

We'll be in touch soon, in the meantime, go the Broncos.


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