What do you mean there's no Aussie Open in January?

What am I meant to do now?


COVID you son of a bitch.

The old saying, you don't know how good something is until it is taken away from you, well that's how I feel right now.

How good is getting home from a hard day at work in late January, cracking open a stubby and watching the Australian Open.

The Aussie Open will now commence on February 8.

To be fair, they've probably done a pretty good job in getting it on that early.

So I guess I can wait until then and I guess now that we have some clarity about when it will be on, we can start to speculate about who's going to be winning.

Before that, you know there's $71 million in total prize money handed out in the Australian Open? Crikey!

Anyways, the Men's side of the draw, Novak Djokovic is a $2.10 favourite, probably fair enough. He's the defending champion - having beaten Dominic Thiem in an epic 5 sets last year, that was his 8th Australian Open win.

Who challenges the Joker? Well provided he isn't thrown out again for hitting a linesman, then you'd think he's tough to beat but the crowd will no doubt be behind a few others.

Roger Federer looks set to make his return - of course always a fan favourite, but I'll be cheering on Nick Kyrgios who is listed @ $26. He's had a long time off - that might be the right recipe - who knows. One thing is for sure, the crowd will be rallying, yes that's a tennis pun, behind Kyrgios and his little buddy, Alex De Minaur.

On the women's side, well that looks a bit tougher doesn't it.

Again, the Aussie fans will hope that Ash Barty ($10) will make a stunning return to the court and win her second major. She too has had a very long time off!

Naomi Osaka is the current favourite @ $7.50, she of course won the US Open back in September, however Osaka only managed a third round finish last year, beaten in straight sets by Coco Gauff.

Maybe not everyone's favourite, but certainly one of mine - outside of the Australian's of course - is the 23-time grand slam winner Serena Williams. 39 years old now, but you just get the feeling she's got more wins to come. The clock is ticking but, she's $10 to win the Australian Open in 2021 and that might be the fairytale story of the year!

If you can find the winner in the women's draw, there's plenty of value to be found!

I suppose we can wait until February - but jeez it's going to be good!

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