Well this Saturday is quite important

What is going on?

Everyone is taking shots.

Right now, the Broncos and their fans are in pain.

Gordie Tallis suggests it's all going to shit, Corey Parker has had his say and Kevvie is seemingly not fully in control.

We've all heard about the race day that didn't go ahead.

Was it some inner fighting or was it simply because the Golden Slipper got washed out? I know that certainly ruined my Saturday.

Who knows.

This Saturday we get our chance to win a game, the Bulldogs @ home on Saturday evening.

We won't see a better chance to win a game and remarkably we're favourites!

What happens with the team?

The biggest concern is definitely in the halves.

Jamayne Isaako isn't offering much in attack @ Fullback. Does the Milf move to #1 jersey potentially?

I wouldn't mind seeing the Milf playing with less structure at the back and with more freedom to play on instinct.

Maybe it's either the Milf or we go and get Karmichael Hunt back?

He seemed to go alright on the weekend - maybe that might be a bit premature.

Tom Dearden will surely come in after a man of the match performance for Souths Logan on the weekend.

They need to find Ethan Bullemor some more minutes, only 28 against the Titans but his output was pretty good. 80 run metres in those 28 minutes from 9 hit ups.

Outside of that, there's plenty of blokes having a crack.

Tevita Pangai Jr, Jake Turipin & Patrick Carrigan.

Jordan Riki is exciting as we all know.

Whatever happens, it would be great to have a united club and fan base, right now - that certainly isn't the case.

But jeez, a win on Saturday evening would be nice wouldn't it.

Either way, we'll see you @ the Caxton.

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