Weeeellll, it's the Big Show

I'm in love with the Big Show.

No, not the 500 pound WWE superstar.

I am talking about Glenn Maxwell.

What's he done now you ask?

Well if you didn't watch the cricket last night - first of all, wtf are you doing but secondly, India managed to get one up over the Aussies, but not before Maxwell delighted us all with one of the great ODI shots for some time.

If you're a cricket purist, look away now.

People who love to be entertained - enjoy.

How about that switch hit?

You're joking, 100m!

I am an unashamed fan of Glenn Maxwell, he's just so authentic with the way he conducts himself and he happens to be pretty bloody good at cricket as well.

Earlier this year, he was not shy in detailing his battles with mental health - that takes some balls in this day and age.

The spotlight is always on Maxi, fans buy tickets just so they can see him do his thing.

I am sure the pressure on him is enormous!

But in reality, Maxwell rarely fails to deliver, he's an entertainer, someone you pay to watch play, be it at the ground or through pay TV.

The best part about Maxwell, despite all his big hitting and quick run scoring, well the best part may well be his down to earth character. He's also often the last to leave when the kids are screaming for autographs.

This guy is a great role model for young kids, maybe his technique isn't the most conventional, but Australian fans, particularly the younger generation, adore Glenn Maxwell.

And, he's also pretty bloody good on TikTok!

Now, before I get too emotional, let's be clear.

Maxi makes a great living from cricket, some of his IPL contracts are just ridiculous. Millions and millions of dollars - not a bad living!

But who would possibly argue that he's not worth every cent!?

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