We've launched an NBA Podcast!

I love the NBA.

In fact, there's a heap of Aussies that do.

So we decided to start a podcast and our man Peter O'Keefe is steering the ship on this one!

It's not just because of the flurry of Aussies stars of late that have made it big on the biggest stage of them all.

Ben Simmons, Patty Mills, Joe Ingles and plenty more.

Australian Basketball is in good shape.

When the NBA season is on, I am sure I am like most of you and either streaming games all morning and more often than not, I'll have a multi or a same game multi to spice things up.

What can you expect from the Inside Feed NBA Podcast?

We'll look at all the goss from the league, chat about who's hot and who's not, we'll give you our thoughts on who's making the finals and who's tanking and we might put together the odd multi.

Even a same-game multi if we're really feeling ambitious.

If you've made it this far down without already giving it a listen, then do yourself a favour!

There's plenty more to come!

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