We're looking for writers!

Inside Feed is growing - fast!

If you're consuming our content, hopefully you're getting a laugh, some unique perspective and maybe even backing a few winners.

The arseholes at SANZAR threw a little spanner in the works and had our Instagram shut down, but we're back, you can follow us @inside_feedhq.

To continue to maintain the growth of Inside Feed, we need to add more writers to our growing network to cover all things sport and youth culture.

As we approach the summer of cricket and tennis, we'll need a lot of content! The AFL, NRL & NBA off-seasons will be short and well horse racing just never stops. And that's not it, we'll be very busy!

Perhaps you're a student studying journalism, a current athlete - be it professional or amateur - or maybe you just love sitting on the couch watching sport with a beer in your hand. Chances are you'd be a good fit for Inside Feed!

Do you need to be funny and intelligent? No, not necessarily. But fuck, it does help.

As you can probably tell, our audience is fairly young, so the content we produce needs to resonate with our audience. Don't give us the stats or the play-by-play summary from the weekend's match - that's boring and most people have watched it anyways.

Instead, tell us who stinks and who needs a pay rise. Tell us which fan got kicked out for yelling profanities or which referee fell over. You get it?

Inside Feed is not a news site, we're about opinion, laughter and when we say a 'unique perspective on sport', we mean it.

Bring something new to the table and don't be afraid to put your heart on your sleeve!

You can write as much or as little as you like and then promote your content amongst your networks.

We want passion, we want enthusiasm. If you're interested in getting involved, you can contact us via email info@insidefeed.com.au.

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