We're back, well almost

Oh hello.

You haven't heard from us when for a couple of days after Mark Zuckerberg and ScoMo got into a little war.

But we're back, or at least we're told that shortly the whole Facebook thing will be removed and we'll be back up and running!

We enjoyed the break.

While some of you might have been gone, our website traffic remained really strong - so thank you to the readers!

We've mostly just been publishing porn.

We might get things back on track now and get back into the less entertaining world of sport, racing & gambling.

Let's do that.

To be fair, there isn't a great deal on this week.

The Aussie T20 side had a shocker in New Zealand, the tennis done and there's only really Super Rugby to look forward to on the weekend.

That aside, there's some same-game multis in the NBA to dabble in and of course there'll be a great weekend of racing in both Sydney and Melbourne this week.

But the NRL is back, 15 days time it's Round 1 - you farken beauty.

Anyways, we're getting back to the great business of blogging and making brilliant content.

Thanks Mr Zuckerberg, we never said a bad word about you throughout this past week.

We love you Mark.

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