We'd love to get this guy on our podcast

We've started our podcasting content with Inside Feed, exciting right?

Alright calm down.

I've always been a fairly big fan of Nick Kyrgios.

Put simply, the guy is entertaining. Sure he doesn't always say and do the right things, but neither do I.

2020 has obviously been a real shit of a year. But there wasn't too many better things to come out of it then when Nick Kyrgios rallied behind the bush fire victims earlier in the year.

Kyrgios started an avalanche of donations from all corners of the globe.

It was great to see and yes, can you believe that was just earlier this year? It feels like a lifetime ago.

So we're going to aim big, this might take some time, but we want to get Nick Kyrgios on, purely because he's just a bloody legend.

We've only just launched, so we're ironing out the creases and getting ourselves in a nice studio but soon I think we'll be ready to start bringing guests into The Feed Podcast.

Can someone plant the seed to help me get him? I'll shout you a beer.

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