Warney, Roy & Marnus will need to have a beer

How fucking good is this.

Shane Warne and Andrew Symonds must have thought they were in a commercial break when they were caught talking about the mannerisms of Marnus Labuschagne.

It makes for great viewing.

If you haven't seen it...

I think they sort of speak on behalf of most of us, he and Smithy are quite accentric in the way they handle themselves when they're batting with their extravagant movements.

A simple leave of the ball has never looked so spectacular!

I don't mind it and if it means they keep making 50's & 100's then they can do whatever they like in my opinion, but how about poor old Warney and Roy ripping into Marnus.

There's a lot of news articles circling that both Warne and Symonds are in hot water.

Storm in a tea cup surely.

Both Warney and Roy have had their fair share of stuff ups in the past, I doubt they'll both give a flying fuck about this.

But maybe a quiet beer with Marnus might be in order!


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