W Pike

What about old Willy Pike.

The Wizard.

4 winners yesterday @ Mornington.

I did the math, if you had $10 on all of Pikey's rides yesterday, you would have spent $60 and returned $219.

It was almost 5 wins too.

I, probably like every other punter else in Australia launched into him in the last on Imperial Lad, he gave it every chance and ran a close second.

Admittedly he was probably on the best horse in the Mornington Cup, the betting suggested that anyways, but that was an easy watch for those that were on.

Let's not forget too his Group 1 win on Masked Crusader on Friday night. He had just the 1 ride @ the Valley.

Not a bad 24 hours for the Pike / Hawkes combination.

I must admit, I do prefer Pikey riding in Perth so I have some insurance for the back end of the day, but he's going alright in Melbourne.

Seriously but, Pike in the last @ Ascot.

How many times have we seen him do it!

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