Victoria Park - Course Review

Updated: Oct 14, 2020


For most, the Victoria Park complex at Herston will be familiar to you for their hospitality, restaurant, driving range facilities or perhaps their putt putt course. I mean, even I've taken a young bird there to show off my putt putt skills way back when, naturally, it didn't turn out well.

But I am here to review the course and so I'll put past grievances aside!

I played Victoria Park about 4 weeks ago and this was probably the 10th time I had played the Par 65 layout. My expectations were for it to be a little worn and torn and to be a nice social course, comparable to my experiences there previously.

But, wasn't I just pleasantly surprised!

At one stage, I thought I was playing on the PGA Tour, the 9th fairway in particular beautifully manicured and the greens rolled absolutely perfectly all day.

Victoria Park has always been a course I associate with having a laugh and 1,000 beers, but this time around, the condition of the course forced me into being more considerate of my game!

It is short, Par 65 as I mentioned and requires plenty of short irons into most holes, the average golfer here is probably going to go home pretty happy with themselves with a heap of scoring opportunities. It is also quite congested in terms of the proximity of the holes, you wouldn't want too many hack golfers on the course or you could be in some trouble!

One thing I'd recommend, don't walk the course! There's plenty of undulation, in fact I think it might be the 4th hole with the Inner City Bypass on your left, it is so steeply uphill and the grass is cut that short that my ball (and the ball of my playing partner) came up 5 meters short and proceeded to roll back towards us a good 100 meters! I'm not exaggerating.

Not sure if the groundskeepers have changed but they truely have the course in wonderful condition, a big tick. Where they can improve? Pro shop staff. Granted they'd be dealing with hundreds of people every day given the nature of the business but would it hurt to smile once in a while?

A side note, this time around I played Victoria Park with one of my great mates, who, it would be fair to say is not a golfer by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, he who shall remain nameless started off our round with a solid 14 on the first hole, which is a short and not overly challenging downhill Par 4 which would barely register 275m.

However, by the time we'd got to the 7th hole, which is a short Par 4 down the hill (in fact the same hill that the 4th hole sits on, this time we're going back other way), this same hack golfer had turned his game around that much that he drove the green, probably 250m down the hill and left himself a 6 foot left to right sliding putt for an eagle. Naturally, he made it! So 14 on this first and the 7th, a comparable short Par 4, an eagle 2!

Victoria Park - they've done well with it, it is in good shape. I am not too sure how much longer it is going to be around but it is worth a day out. It isn't exactly cheap, but it is a nice place to combine 18 holes and a couple of schooners!


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