Unpopular Opinion? Hetherington Send Off

That's a send off?

It was lazy.

It was really sloppy.

It was probably reckless.

But jeez, a send off?

No, don't think so.

I'm thinking of the great coat-hangers of yesteryear that either got let go or received a penalty at best.

I realise times have changed, but the consistency in the severity of punishments for different acts of foul play this season seems way off.

Referee Ashley Klein basically made the call live on the spot, I respect that. I think he got it wrong, but I still respect it.

I thought the Dogs would beat the Cowboys.

The send off of Hetherington of course didn't help things but despite that, in the final minutes I'd thought they'd tied things up, only to be disallowed.

I like the cut of Hetherington's jib, he's aggressive, he never stops trying, the Dogs need to hold on to him for a long time.

This is what will happen with the Dogs this year.

They'll keep working hard, they'll keep improving and by the end of the year they'll put together a couple of good victories.

They're not that bad.

Last two weeks they've scored 18 points versus the Storm & Cowboys respectively.

It's baby steps, but they're getting better.

Cronulla this week, they can win that. Jack Hetherington won't be there you'd think but they can beat the Sharks.

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