Uh oh, KD is back

No game for 552 days.

Then in 18 minutes of the first half of Brooklyn's first pre-season game against the Washington Wizards, KD put up 15 points in 18 minutes.

Combine that with Kyrie Irving's 18 points in the first half and you've got a pretty formidable duo!

Granted the Washington Wizards were without their two superstars, with Bradley Beal and Russell Westbrook sitting out from their first pre-season match.

Brooklyn are listed at $6.50 to win the NBA Championship in 2021.

They're $3.60 to take out the Eastern Conference.

The Eastern Conference looks pretty straight forward in terms of where teams will land. Milwaukee and Brooklyn will likely be fighting it out for the top seed going into the playoffs, the Heat & Celtics not far behind and then probably a bit of a drop to Philadelphia and Toronto.

Maybe that's being a bit harsh on the 76er's, perhaps Doc Rivers can get the best out of that group to make them a real contender.


But if KD and Kyrie are fit and healthy come the playoffs - is there a side, in the Eastern Conference at least, that will be able to shut them down? I don't think so.

I think the $3.60 for them to win the Eastern Conference might be a good bet.

The NBA is back, how bloody good.

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