Two great blokes

This might not grab the headlines as much as it should.

But what about Addin Fonua-Blake and Ben Murdoch-Masila?

They might have been a bit late for training on Tuesday, but it was for a good reason.

Those two were spotted helping an elderly lady change her tyre in pouring rain on the way to training on the Central Coast.

Now that is good.

This is the type of stuff that doesn't often grab too much attention - simply because it doesn't get too much from the advertising dollar.

This isn't clickbait.

This is simply a wonderful story - you wish you saw more of it, it probably happens but it just doesn't get spoken about.

The Warriors have started 1-1, they face the Raiders this week on Saturday afternoon down in Canberra.

That'll be tough, but they might be worth a wager @ around $4.

That's all for this blog, I just wanted to highlight some good stuff going on, yet again from the Warriors.

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