Turbo's speed

Ahhh dear oh dear.

Tom Trbojevic is gone for 6 weeks.

He'll miss the first 4 rounds of competition.

The hamstring is gone again, it's the opposite one to the one he did late last year, obviously this one was taking the strain from the other - if you get what I mean.

That's horrible news for Manly.

But I thought something that might be even more concerning is the fact that Tommy Turbo couldn't beat an average punter in a running race the night before.

What's doing there?

No turn of foot from the big fella at all.

That might be the bigger concern, the hamstring pinging is not good - obviously, but could you find the accelerator please Tommy?

Such an important piece to the Manly puzzle, if Tommy doesn't get back and have an uninterrupted year thereafter, Manly are no chance of finals footy.

I repeat, Manly are no chance of finals footy without a fit and healthy Tom Trbojevic.

Zero. Cero. Null.

Surely that punter in the street was blind drunk too, Tommy - what are you doing bro?

Long year ahead for Manly.

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