Trump got COVID

Anyone keeping an eye on the US Presidential race?

Have I lost the sports nuts already? You know you can bet on it...

Seriously, Biden $1.48 and Trump $2.65.

Now you've come back haven't you? I knew it.

Great, now that I have your attention.

On the 3rd November, which will be the 4th November here in Australia, America hits the polls to determine whether Trump gets another 4 years, or if Sleepy Joe Biden takes over.

In fact, they've already started voting, as of this morning, the US had recorded in excess of 10 million early votes.

Ultimately, who wins this election comes down to the big swing states. But if I was a citizen of the US, I'd have no idea who to vote for to be honest.

Trump has done a good job with the economy and he's tough on things like illegal immigration, which I like. But then do you really want a guy like that with the nuclear codes?

America has been crippled with racial injustice of late and Trump, whilst actually popular among African Americans, doesn't seem to do too much about it.

If nothing else, Trump is entertaining.

After all, he was a reality TV show star, oh and real estate tycoon, prior to heading to the White House.

Sometimes what he says is just so ridiculous, you wonder what is going on inside his head.

The 'China' virus chat - which he of course contracted himself - the ongoing fight with the US media that he so regularly labels as the 'Fake News'.

It's actually pretty funny stuff.

Well it would be funny if he wasn't the President of the United States I suppose.

Then there's Joe Biden, or as his adversary calls him, Sleepy Joe Biden.

For those not familiar, Biden served as the Vice-President in the Barack Obama administration.

But in November, Biden turns 78. Yes, 78.

Has he got 4 years in him to be the leader of the free world? I don't think so. He has some cognitive issues, that's pretty clear, if you vote for Biden, you're basically voting for Kamala Harris to take over inside the first couple of years. Surely?

So who do you vote for?

The Presidential Debate was an absolute shambles, I don't think anyone learned anything from that.

So I probably wouldn't vote.

Having said that, if I'm getting richer with Trump's economy, I'm pretty bloody happy. I'm just not sure he has what it takes, in fact I am pretty certain he doesn't, to unite the country.

Whilst the polls are pointing towards Biden, I'd be backing Trump to get another 4 years.


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