Triple Threat – AFL Fantasy trade options for Round 14

After going back to somewhat of a normality over the past 10-12 days, fantasy coaches will again have to be agile and alert as we enter a second footy frenzy. POK’s Pies couldn’t repeat the form of round 12, posting a disappointing score in round 13 and subsequently falling back out of the top 100 (125 overall)

Let’s take a look at some trade options for round 14.


The Rookie – Any debutant

There are much better options to downgrade to in other positions. If you desperately need someone in defence, you may as well go down to a $170k debutant. Bailey Williams has been named for the Eagles on Thursday night.

Unique/Undervalued – Brad Sheppard

The Eagles defender has been solid this year, averaging 72.2 for the season which is more than other highly owned defenders in Brodie Smith, Tom Stewart, Dan Houston and Jack Crisp. Sheppard has risen his level in the past two games with scores of 96 and 80. Owned by just 2.7% of coaches and plays the Tigers this week who historically give up points to defenders.

The Premium – Luke McDonald

Averages a ridiculous 102.6 over his last five games but is still owned by less than 3% of coaches. Is pricey now at $744k but doesn’t look like slowing.


The Rookie – Xavier O’Neill

Very few options here as well but O’Neill played his role for the Eagles on Sunday, laying four tackles and kicking a goal on his way to 46. Despite poor job security moving forward, O’Neill has been named for the Eagles again so is certainly an option.

Unique/Undervalued – Lachie Hunter

Hunter has had an interrupted season for various reasons, however when he’s played he’s been very good. Often undervalued behind teammates Jack Macrae and Marcus Bontempelli, Hunter is averaging 93.6 from his five games this season. Sits at less than 2% ownership, the definition of unique whilst being very good.

The Premium – Lachie Neale

Had his worst score of the year last week and is set to drop a huge amount of coin in coming weeks. In saying that, he’s still a player you want moving forward and with his bye, being able to get a guaranteed 100 from your captain is a huge luxury.


The Rookie – Bailey Williams

Available as a defender and a ruckman, the perennial emergency will finally debut for the Eagles on Thursday night. Anyone with Darcy Cameron or the managed Sam Draper could do worse than downgrade to Williams and earn some good cash.

The Premium – Reilly O’Brien

Third round in a row he’s been in this spot with O’Brien and the Crows on the bye this week. How many ruckman could you be guaranteed an 83 from this week, including Brodie Grundy and Max Gawn? Picking O’Brien gives you a good, safe score this week and an excellent run for the remainder of the season.


The Rookie – Jake Riccardi/Irving Mosquito

Riccardi was extraordinary in a Giants loss to the inform Eagles on Sunday, recording 16 possessions, 12 marks and two goals for a score of 87. Subsequently rose $48k but remains the clear rookie pick of the week at $218k. Mosquito deserves a mention here as well after an impressive debut against Richmond, albeit without the score of Riccardi.

Unique/Undervalued – Devon Smith

Hasn’t done much this year but returned with an 84 against the Tigers after being rested in round 12. At just $597k, Smith presents as good value if you’re after a name with fantasy pedigree.

The Premium – Dayne Zorko

Like Neale, the Lions skipper is a worthy option to bring in for his 80 average on the bye. Should be one of the top three forwards for the remainder of the season and still sits at less than 10% ownership.

Parting word

Coaches need to be on the ball with round 14 starting at the strange time of 4:40 on Thursday. Remember your bye players will be locked in at the start of the round so make moves accordingly. Good luck!

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Round 12

Round 12 was better for POK’s Pies, putting things together for a nice score of 1932 and subsequently moving back into the top 100 (56 overall). We’ve finally been able to have a break with no footy throughout this week, at least that was until popular defender Dan Houston went and breached Covid Protocols along with relevant teammate Peter Ladhams. Coaches will be scrambling for replacements given their awkward prices.

Let’s take a look at some trade options for round 13.


The Rookie – Matthew Cottrell

Was impressive in the Blues extraordinary win over the Dockers, gathering 14 possessions for a score of 54. Has been named for Friday night’s clash against the Suns so is confirmed as the number one downgrade target in defence. In fact he’s the only defender under 300k averaging 40+.

Unique/Undervalued – Bachar Houli

We all know his fantasy history as one of the best premium defenders over the past couple of seasons. Having not played since round five after remaining in Melbourne with his pregnant wife, Houli returns this week against his former side in the Bombers. Could you grab him straight away as a unique option to climb the rankings? At $779K it’s a risky option, personally I’d prefer seeing him back for a game before pulling the trigger.

The Premium – Alex Witherden

Is a great option for fantasy coaches not just because of his output on ground, but also due to having the bye next week and currently being the 3rd highest averaging defender for the season (excluding Jeremy Howe).


The Rookie – Zac Foot

Came in and was a highlight for the Swans in their victory over the Giants. Don’t expect huge scores as a small forward but is good enough for bench cover and cash flow.

Despite a quiet game against the Bombers, Saint Jack Bytel remains an option should he be named this week.

Unique/Undervalued – Angus Brayshaw

Genuine or fool’s gold? Brayshaw has reminded people of his talent with scores of 103 and 100 in the past fortnight. His $556K price tag is extremely juicy given his capabilities, but it’s worth mentioning his nice scores in the last couple have come in huge Melbourne victories. Not for me but is a worthy option and the ownership will spike this week.

The Premium – Mitch Duncan

Price has plateaued a little with no tons in the past three games, although his scores have all been 88-99 demonstrating great consistency. Plays the Crows this week and should go huge, could even be a VC/C option.


The Rookie – Tom De Koning

If you have Darcy Cameron at R3, you could do worse than cashing in and going down to De Koning who’s been named for the Blues again on Friday night.

The Premium – Reilly O’Brien

Was in this spot last week and again this week. Was huge against the Dogs on Sunday, racking up 17 possessions and 38 hit outs on his way to 113. Still unique, affordable and should be good against the Cats this week before his bye in round 14.


The Rookie – Zac Foot

See above in midfield section. Ben Cavarra may also be an option for coaches having played his first game since round one against the Crows on Sunday. He did have a 66 which is impressive, however he’s not playing against the Crows every week so don’t expect much scoring wise moving forward. Other rookies Irving Mosquito and Liam Henry are set to debut in round 13.

Unique/Undervalued – Tom Hawkins

Plays the Crows this week and could do anything after kicking six on his way to 123 against the Power. Could you hold him for three scores against the Crows, Dogs and his bye score? Certainly a unique option and surprisingly, his average score is within three points of other popular forwards in Dustin Martin, Jy Simpkin, Hugh Greenwood and Andrew Brayshaw.

The Premium – Steele Sidebottom

Is the highest averaging forward yet is still under 10% ownership. Coming off 105 and sits at $773k with a game against North on Monday night, perfect time to bring him in.

Parting word

We should start to see some huge scores leading into fantasy finals, with most teams now removing their final rookies off the ground. Like many others, I’m stumped with what I’m going to do with Houston in defence, having previously planned to upgrade my final rookie. Good luck!

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Round 12

Round 11 was the highest scoring round we’ve seen thus far this season, not surprising given that three trades per round is allowing us to ‘finish’ our teams a lot quicker than usual.

POK’s Pies have hit a snag recently and whilst we aren’t falling at a rapid rate of knots, we aren’t making any ground either. Sitting at 142nd overall but with $180k in the bank to hopefully make some decent moves throughout round 12.

Let’s take a look at some trade options for round 12.


The Rookie – Lachlan Sholl

The young Crow was impressive against the Pies on Tuesday night, racking up 16 possession for a score of 57. With the Crows continuing to pump experience into their younger players, expect Sholl to be a part of their 22 moving forward and provide reasonable bench cover for fantasy coaches. In the same game, Trey Ruscoe was also impressive kicking two goals for a score of 48. Huge questions marks remain on his job security in an injury depleted Pies line-up, as well as his reliance on goals to reach a half decent score.

Unique/Undervalued – Luke McDonald

Has averaged a touch over 95 in the past four games whilst remaining at less than 1% ownership. Is worthy of a look at $645k, however be wary that he can literally score anywhere between 40-120. Also under and injury cloud so make sure to monitor that.

The Premium – Rory Laird

One of the great fantasy defenders of recent years has been pretty mediocre in 2020, at least that was until Tuesday night where he was everywhere on his way to 139. Is enormous value at $684k given his midfield role and undoubted elite history.


The Rookie – Jack Bytel

Was one of the few bright spots for the Saints in an otherwise disastrous performance against the Cats on Monday. Would surely have to remain in the Saints 22 after his 18 possessions, particularly given the injury to Jade Gresham. Is the best downgrade option for the week pending team selection.

Unique/Undervalued – Nat Fyfe

After coming off a very nice 95 against the Hawks on Monday, the two-time Brownlow medallist looks tremendous value at just $668k.

New owners may be hoping they can flick him forward following the release of additional DPP’s following round 12.

The Premium – Jarryd Lyons/Jack Steele

Those looking to climb up the rankings may look to one of these unique premiums as an avenue to do so. Both have been exceptional this season, averaging over 90 and currently sitting at $829k and $811k respectively. Yet despite their form, they are rarely owned with Steele at 4.7% and Lyons 2.3%.


The Rookie – Sam Draper

Still a downgrade option should he return to the Bombers line-up after being managed for round 11.

The Premium – Reilly O’Brien

Would be my pick for coaches needing to offload Max Gawn. O’Brien and Todd Goldstein sit at a similar price and should offer similar output, however Goldstein’s age means he’s much more likely to have a rest at some stage. Rowan Marshall is also an option but expect Ryder to come back in to share the ruck duties.


The Rookie – Boyd Woodcock/Zac Foot

Not many options here with the Power small forward still an option at $211k, whilst Zac Foot is set to debut so you may take a punt on him in a struggling Swans team looking to blood youngsters. Mature-ager Tom Hutcheson will also make his debut in round 12, however I’d be wary of his job security moving forward in a strong Giants outfit.

Unique/Undervalued – Jack Steven

Has been given greater midfield responsibility, demonstrated by an increase in scoring with a 92 and a 79 in the past two. Was an option for many in pre-season and has great scoring potential, still very risky though but maybe worth a look at just $604k and 2.8% ownership.

The Premium – Christian Petracca

Has risen in price every round this season, demonstrating his exceptional consistency throughout 2020. If you didn’t start with or haven’t owned him at all, swallow your pride and pick him up despite being over $200k more than his initial price. Clearly the best forward along with Lachie Whitfield.

Parting word

This is the last round of the footy festival but that won’t bring a halt to the headaches for fantasy coaches. Rolling lockouts will continue for the remainder of the season with teams to still be announced at 6:20pm the night before the game. Make sure you still have one trade up your sleeve in the latter parts of the round. Many were burnt by relying on Sam Draper to cover Max Gawn in round 11, only for him to be out managed.

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Round 10

How good is it that we don’t have to sit and mull on our fantasy teams for the next four days? Well at least it’s good for those of us who failed miserably in round nine on the back of stinkers from so called ‘premiums’.

As mooted in my first article, POK’s Pies have taken a tumble and slipped outside the top 100 (117 overall). No time to wallow in sorrow though as round ten begins tonight with the Dogs taking on the Power at Adelaide Oval.

Here are the best trade targets at each position for round ten.


The Rookie – Tobe Watson

Based on available evidence, Matt Ling looked like a better option than the young Docker going into round nine. No one could foresee Watson’s excellent 66 against the Pies, now making him a great downgrade target at $213k. With Freo’s bye and a guaranteed 46 in the bank, you may wish to play it safe and sit Watson at D6 if required.

Unique/Undervalued – Connor Blakely/Tom Stewart

This could be a real make or break type acquisition for the remainder of 2020. Blakely returned to the Dockers on Sunday and did so in a fantasy friendly role, running through the middle to gather 23 possessions. He did decide to social distance from the ball in the final quarter though, losing a point from his three-quarter time score to finish with a 74. You’re guaranteed that score again this week, so do you roll the dice moving forward? The role looked great, but I’d be wary of Walters returning after the bye.

Stewart is a little pricier but comes with much less risk. In his second game back following a broken collarbone, he dominated the first half with 70 as the Cats possessed the ball around the backline. As the momentum changed and the Eagles pressure rose, Stewart’s scoring slowed as he finished with a 99. At $611k and with his injury-affected 11 leaving the three-round price change, Stewart is the bargain selection ahead of round ten.

The Premium – Jake Lloyd

I’d really like to change this selection but in reality, Lloyd is the only consistent performer in the backline. Outside of he and those on their bye, who could you trade in that would be a near enough guarantee of 70+?


The Rookie – James Bell

The young Swan failed to gain much attention after a quiet round 8 performance against the Hawks. However he responded with a 15 disposal, 4 tackle performance against the Saints on Saturday, forcing the fantasy world to take note as a downgrade option. Slightly inflated at $252k, Bell is the best midfield/forward rookie option of those to have played a game. Cat mature-ager Brad Close remains an option if you were one of few who didn’t pick him up last week.

Unique/Undervalued – Patrick Cripps

A superstar player who’s also caused plenty of havoc for fantasy coaches, Cripps got back to his despite the Blues loss to the Hawks on Friday night. 27 possessions helped him to a score of 97, well above his season average of 76.3. Will he garner more favourable attention from the umpires and harness that into greater fantasy scoring? If you want a big name at M7 or M8, you can’t go past Cripps at just $655k.

The Premium – Lachie Neale

With the 73 from round seven now leaving his three-round price change, the gun Lion is the cheapest he’ll be for the foreseeable future. At $908k it will still take some serious moves to afford him, well worth it though as a captain option every week. Can’t believe teams haven’t put more attention into him.


The Rookie – Sam Draper

The Dons big man displayed some brilliance on debut on Friday night, justifying the hype and attention on him over the past couple of years. Subsequently, he should be the number one downgrade target for all coaches ahead of round ten. Although a move from Darcy Cameron to him will pocket you just over $100k, you may wish to offload a forward and switch Cameron there given he still has money to be made.

Unique/Undervalued – N/A

Honestly don’t think there’s much value to be had in the ruck department. You can run with a Goldstein or O’Brien as a unique but anything under that and you may as well play Draper on field. Witts was surprisingly poor following a great fortnight and English has been terrible over the last two but may bounce back against Ladhams tonight.