Top 3 Christmas Movies

It's that time of the year to dust off a couple of DVD's and sit back and enjoy some Christmas cheer.

I was having a debate with a few people over the best Christmas movies of all-time, there's some absolute classics.

Here's my top 3!

3 - National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

What a beauty of a movie.

The dysfunctional family celebrating Christmas with Clark Griswold wanting to provide his family with the most perfect Christmas.

Nothing goes right!

This is a great laugh and a great family movie.

2 - Home Alone 2 - Lost in New York

The sequel!

Normally when they try and destroy awesome films with a sequel, they stuff it up.

Home Alone 2 was and still is awesome.

The plot lines aren't the most believable, granted - but this is another great family Christmas movie with young Kevin McAllister getting up to mischief.

1 - Home Alone

The original and the best!

I watch this a couple of times a year, whenever Fox Movies decides to put it on really, but particularly have a screening around Christmas time.

Yes, the pranks aren't all realistic but when I was 10-12 years old, this was the best thing I'd ever seen still remains a great movie.

There's a few with honourable mentions!

Die Hard (apparently that is considered a Christmas movie!), Love Actually, Santa Claus & Elf - all great movies!

What have I missed? Let me know what you think.

Merry Christmas - enjoy time with family & friends.

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