ToMarto Report, 12/6/20

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Big Brother is back, oh and so is the AFL.

Soobong leaves Big Brother quicker than the Broncos season is over.

No one remembers who comes second, one of the great quotes from Shannon Noll. Big Brother is back baby and so is the AFL. Get excited ladies and gentlemen.

The Big Brother house looks like a poor mans project home with a shopping container pool thrown in to show G bangers and board shorts through the slippery glass window. Some people call it NEW MONEY, I call it grossly amazing.

Where else can you find degenerates who want to find fame and new friends in the one house? They probably all only have two friends in the real world, being their parents. Congratulations to all involved in the new series, it’s epic, makes me appreciate having a job during COVID even more.

Looking forward to a potential punch on in due course, until then Richmond vs Collingwood will let me have beers, pizza and no longer have to spend time with my wife, watching Real Housewives of Beverley Hills.

Can the Tigers finish bottom eight?

Tigers vs Collingwood one of the great dust ups in round two.

I’ve tipped Collingwood like a proper fully fledged degenerate. I rung my father and let him know my tips, I received an email this afternoon from some two-bit family suburban lawyer with a no contact formal cease and desist from my family.

36 all draw, not great for my multi

A 36-point draw. It was the ultimate coronavirus game. At one stage my phone rang and I wasn’t sure if it was Buckley or Hardwick, but I had my Okanuis and bike pants ready for the big stage.

That score, being the lowest in a century, means my four leg multi was in more trouble than the early settlers by the end of Quarter One. I’m off the footy punt now, I do have a tip at Albion Park Race 10 no 2, Special Cyndie, it won.

The race that stop the nations

No not the Melbourne Cup, Gold Coast Race 1 today,

Star gelding, Youngblood, is back and with better than bank interest odds of $1.40, it looks a good thing, surely. Trainer Tony Gollan has tipped it, Jim Byrne riding, it’s the biggest plunge since Fine Cotton.

Heavy 8, 2200m, rock hard fit, no speed should dictate and be over 200m out.

Take your kids out of school, this is a moment you’ll want them to remember where they were at 11.47am on Friday 12th June, 2020.

Youngblood, it’s a ToMarto BEYHS (Bet Everything You Have Special). Gamble Responsibly!*


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