Toasted sandwiches anyone?

Well, fuck.

Plenty of time to get the old ham, cheese & tomato on the sandwich press now.

Australia's tour of South Africa has officially been cancelled.

Fuck you COVID - such a prick of a thing.

I know it's just sport and there's many more important things in the world so before anyone hits me with that dribble - I'm aware.

But jeez it would have been nice to see the Aussies back in South Africa, presumably without sandpaper.

So many storylines to play out.

Tim Paine's captaincy.

Who nails that 5th batting position?

Mitch Starc - is he still the goods at test level?

But we won't know.

Not now at least.

I presume that means Australia is out of contention for the Test championships - is that right? I don't know for sure. I think the slow over rate on Boxing Day means we're in real strife - how about that for a real kick in the guts.

Will we get another test before the Ashes on home soil next Summer?

So many unknowns.

Then there's the whole toasted sanga saga.

Imagine if JL had of been coaching when Warney was still playing, apparently he eats those things like they're going out of fashion. I think FoxCricket beat me to that line.

Maybe this will give the coach some time to reflect on his own performance over the Australian summer - did he get everything right?

One thing is for sure, Sheffield Shield cricket just got a lot more exciting. They might actually draw a crowd and TV numbers will be up for sure!

NSW are $2.88 to win the Sheffield Shield - look at who they've got returning!

Warner, Smith, Starc, Hazlewood, Lyon, Cummins - who did I miss? Poor old Sean Abbott might be battling to make his state side now!

Fair dinkum, $2.88 - that's a good bet you'd think.

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