TJ Perenara is just like Cameron Smith

Trent Robinson has confirmed the Roosters are in talks with TJ Perenara.

Anyone got an update on how that's travelling?

I quite like it.

I've always liked TJ's game, he's been across the ditch duking it out with Aaron Smith for the All Blacks # 9 jersey for years.

He's tough, he's got a bullet pass and a good running game.

He's high energy.

But he has got a real uncanny resemblance to the greatest hooker in rugby league history, or perhaps he's just the GOAT full stop, that's of course Cameron Smith.

Just like Cameron Smith, TJ Perenara is a referee.

Check it out.

The forced early retirement of Jake Friend opens the door for Perenara to join the Roosters and you'd think go straight in once he gets accustomed to everything.

That won't take long.

Admittedly, this sort of thing hasn't been done before, but I think Perenara is the right candidate to make the transition.

The big question mark will be whether TJ has the capacity to get through 40-50 tackles per night.

Right now, he's standing in behind the ruck and directing traffic, big difference in league when you're front and centre in the engine room.

That's the big question mark.

By the way, for those who haven't kept up with Perenara's career, just a lazy 69 test matches for the All Blacks and he's only 29 years old, he'll turn 30 next year so he's still got a good 5-6 years in him you'd think.

Sign him up!

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