Tiger Episode 2 Reaction

Wow - that was good.

Just quickly, if you missed our recap of Episode 1, you can read that here.

Didn't they rip through him with all the sex scandals and what not, they were probably entitled to do it, maybe not at the level of detail but anyways, it's part of the story and makes the subsequent comeback even more inspiring - sorry, spoiler alert!

What stood out for me?

How the hell did Tiger win the 2008 US Open? Seriously.

No ACL in his left knee and two fractures in his leg, wincing in pain on just about every shot and still getting it done.

Tiger won that US Open, defeating Rocco Mediate in a famous playoff in '08 and didn't win another major until the win @ the Masters in 2019.

I tell you what, I knew the 2019 Masters victory was a good win before I watched that episode, but now I just think it's without a doubt the greatest comeback ever in sport.

Physically, emotionally and mentally beaten down over a long period of time, he couldn't do simple daily things that we all take for granted.

He couldn't get out of bed - he had to be carried.

Bending down to tie his shoelaces was a struggle.

He reforms his body, transforms his swing and comes back to win the grandest prize on golf's biggest stage - the Masters green jacket.

You're joking?

If Hollywood wrote that script, it would almost be thrown out for being too far fetched.

But that's the Tiger story and seemingly it isn't finished yet.

Was Episode 2 of Tiger explosive as they advertised? Yep, it was pretty brutal.

Some things you seem to forget, at least I did.

He's made a lot of mistakes - there's no doubting that but he's a human being like us all - he's not perfect, as much as we wished for him to be once upon a time.

As the episode so rightly points out, when he was at the highest point in his career, mid 2000's or thereabouts, everyone just wanted to bring him down.

Of course he fell, and he fell damn hard, but now it seems everyone has given Tiger his second chance and he's showing a true gratefulness and appreciation to his legion of fans.

Will Tiger win another major?

He's just had another back surgery but is confident he'll make a full recovery.

That said, how do you write off a champion like Tiger? He's only 45 - he's got plenty of time left to pass Jack's 18 majors, I'm sure he'll get it done.

Ahhh the 2019 Masters - will we see anything quite like it again?

If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favour and watch the Tiger documentary, both episodes are pretty bloody good!

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