This won the weekend

I fucken love horse racing.

You might have already figured that out.

Love a punt, been fortunate enough to own a couple, one of them won a couple of races and that was an almighty thrill.

I doubt there's anything better than race horse ownership.

But the weekend provided one of the better moments in racing.

I don't mean it like Winx winning 4 Cox Plates, the Diva winning 3 Melbourne Cups or the day I watched Black Caviar win @ Doomben.

You've probably all seen it.

Prior to the last race in Adelaide on the weekend, a man lay on a hospital bed in the winning straight.

If you were at the pub, you would be forgiven for thinking a patron had taken ill and there'd be a delay to the last.

Not the case.

This man, an owner in fact, it was his dying wish to get trackside one last time and Craig Williams made it more special.

Ahhh Craig.

You've cost me a bit over the time, there's been a few rides that have left me gobsmacked, but I forgive you.

This is so freakin cool - I love it.

The thing that resonates with me is that my dying wish would be something like this as well, maybe a few schooners and a day trackside.

They can take me after that.

This was cool.

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