This was cool from Choc Mundine

So Choc confirmed what we all knew.

His boxing career is over.

Good call Choc.

Maybe a bit late.

On his way out however, Mundine did the leave the door open for a re-match with Danny Green.

Would anyone want that?


They're getting on a bit.

Anyways, Choc's last 'fight' was against Michael Zerafa and as we all know, he got farken belted.

But that's not what I'm here to talk about.

What I liked yesterday and seemingly it is something that they've asked to keep quiet, is the kind gesture of Choc Mundine afforded to Gorden Tallis' sister as she lay on her death bed.

Have a listen.

Pretty cool huh?

We saw The Man, the entertainer, the controversial bloke that needed to sell tickets for his fights.

We didn't hear about this sort of stuff.

Choc found it important to issue an apology to anyone he had offended, suggesting he was a changed man.

Most people hate him.

Some people love him.

He was pretty good at footy, he was a World Champion in the ring and whilst he's certainly divided opinion in his time, you wonder how many more of the kind of gestures he afforded the Tallis family he has done in his time.

I'm told he likes to keep them quiet, perhaps it wasn't good for business at the time.

Mundine the businessman was built on loathing and not necessarily being the fan favourite.

The villain in fact.

He doesn't need that narrative anymore.

If this is a glimpse of the type of man Anthony Mundine really is, I like it.

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