This may be the best Parmi in town

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Drop everything.

I may well have found the best Chicken Parmigiana in Brisbane, maybe Australia.

I must point out this is not a sponsored post, nobody asked us to do this, we paid full price for the meal.

First time visitors to Inside Feed, welcome. We're normally talking all things sport, but this is something that deserved a mention!

Hamilton Hotel on the corner of Racecourse Road and Kingsford Smith Drive. Readers in Brisvegas will know the spot well.

Typically my visits to the Hamilton Hotel have normally been reserved for long stints in the TAB area, rolled into sing alongs with the acoustic guitarist they have on that evening - it's always a good night out.

Conveniently, those two sections of the pub are in close proximity.

But on this occasion, I was there for some dinner and feeling a little bit classy, we dined in the restaurant.

I was going to default to a pie or something really nice and simple, then something really grabbed my attention on the menu.

Now, if you're currently on a health kick, which I have been trying to do for the past month or so, this probably isn't the best option for you.

However, if you're happy to cop the calories then this thing is just absolutely brilliant and very filling might I add.

The garden salad and the chips didn't get too much of a look in and were quickly shipped off to my fellow diners, the Parmi on the other hand was put to bed pretty bloody quickly.


Again, not your traditional sort of Parmi, it's a little bit fancy but it's well worth the $27 price tag.

That's not the one we had above, it's their more traditional option!

So I am unofficially crowning this the best Parmi in town, this may mean that I have to go try every single one in Brisbane and perhaps even further out.

Being a man who enjoys all things related to food and chicken parmigiana's, I may well be up for that challenge.

We'll see, but this one @ the Hamilton Hotel is top shelf!

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