This'll win on Saturday, Vol 9.

Ahhh fucken Niccanova.

Ran home okay, never a chance, Jonker broke the track record I think, what a prick.

Niccanova is actually going around again this week, over 1600m this time which is probably a bit more suitable, although I'd probably prefer him @ 1400m instead.

Anyways, enough about that bloke.

My tips do have a knack of winning the week after I tip them, so on that science, I'll be having a bit on Niccanova this week @ around $8 in Race 8 Sunshine Coast.

Just to be safe.

Righto, on to this week.

The carnival is over but there's still some great racing around the country and we're heading to the Sunshine Coast.

Sunshine Coast Race 2 - Star of Michelin - $5.50

Video: Racing Queensland

This thing absolutely rattled home last start over an unsuitable distance. It's the one in the orange hat that is almost last on the turn.

He's undefeated 3rd up from a spell, 2 from 2 is the strike rate and despite the fact the Sunny Coast has a big wide open track, he hasn't had any success here.


But that's okay, I think this race will set up well for him with a big field and good tempo, at least you'd think.

$5 or thereabouts is a good price and I am expecting Star of Michelin to wind up and sail down the outside.

With the claim for the apprentice jockey, I think this horse ticks all the boxes, give it strength.

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