This'll win on Saturday, Vol 43.

Now we're rolling.

That was a fair win from Harpo Marx - he zoomed down the outside for a big win.

Nice horse.

Outlay: $4,000

Return: $4,200

Profit: $200

Onwards and upwards.

Alright, on to this week, found it a bit tricky this weekend again, let's find the best.

Flemington Race 1 - Mamool - $4.80

This might be a bit risky.

Second start and this thing was $61 debut.


He rattled home hard from the tail of the field and now steps in distance which looks ideal.

I reckon we'll get a better price on the day, I'm trusting what I saw first up and let's hope he delivers on what I think is some pretty good ability.

Wait for the day, I think he'll drift. Just as long as he wins.

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