This'll win on Saturday, Vol 42.

Those loyal followers will know that with the Sunny Coast off last week, we switched out best to the Tycoonist which dually saluted in Sydney.

So we're definitely counting it and after 41 weeks (couple of scratchings), we're dead set farken even, what a ride.


Outlay: $3,900

Return: $3,900

Profit: $0

Alright, on to this week, found it a bit tricky this weekend with the weather playing silly buggers.

Randwick Race 5 - Harpo Marx - $3

Expecting it to be Heavy 26 in Sydney on the weekend and whilst Harpo's heavy track form doesn't read terrific, if you go back through the form, he's run well but some of those runs have been over unsuitable trips.

He's here third up, put the writing on the wall last start with a nice 4th on the heavy deck and think he's going to be very hard to beat on the weekend.

$3 will probably shorten up, there's likely to be some scratchings as well and he may well start very short if it's really pissing down.

Who knows.

Good horse and ready to win - give him strength.

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