This'll win on Saturday, Vol 41.

Updated: Jul 6

Well Shooting for Gold is a pretty nice horse isn't it.

Absolutely smashed in the betting and whilst there was a few hairy moments in the run, he got the gap and shot clear.

Nice win.

Finally a winner, we get a boost in the bank balance.

Outlay: $3,800

Return: $3,700

Profit: $-100

Staying the Sunshine State this week. Albeit plenty of rain and a COVID lockdown. Hopefully we're out of captivity come Friday night.

Sunshine Coast Race 1 - I Could Do Better - $5

Best bet of the day in Race 1 - could mean a very full afternoon on the beers.

Waller and Pikey combined with this bloke around 7 weeks ago for a nice win @ the Gold Coast and he's had a freshen and a lovely trial in the interim.

Banking on the heavy track here and he loves it. 2 wins from 3 starts on the mud.

Jim Byrne will take him back here, a bit of cover in the run would be excellent and he'll get him out to the crown of the Sunshine Coast track and run home strongly.

Already very good money for it and I'm certain he'll run favourite on the day, $5 now looks like a nice price.

He'll be strong late.

Give him strength.

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