This'll win on Saturday Vol. 36

Fucken Paradee.

Not a bad run but never looked likely after that other one took off and put some speed into the race.

A fair effort, I'll be sticking with her when she gets to 2000m, presumably in the next fortnight or so.

Here's how we're tracking.

Outlay: $3,300

Return: $3,460

Profit: $160

QLD Derby time this week, it's a good field with what appears to be a fairly long tale.

Eagle Farm 7 - Explosive Jack - $3.20

Surprised there's still $3.20 on offer for Explosive Jack.

He's won three Derby's in Sydney, Tasmania and over in Adelaide and is of course at set weights here.

So long as he doesn't have any trouble handling with another trip across the country, this bloke just looks to be unbeatable.

This is probably the easiest of the 4 Derby's that he's contested and is drawn to get a beautiful run with regular jockey John Allen on board.

This race has a long tail to it, only a few chances, I think the first four will come from Explosive Jack, Achiever, Fortified and Criminal Defence - I'll be having that in box first four.

Let's Karaka Deel tagged Explosive Jack on the whole way in the SA Derby and couldn't get near him, so on that I don't think he can beat Jack.


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