This'll win on Saturday, Vol 25.

Ahhh it's been a long road.

25th week of this wonderful blog and we're dead set fucken even.

Outlay: $2,300

Return: $2,300

Profit: $0

Last week was a shit show, Written Beauty was $6 into $3.40 as they jumped and when Nature Strip got caught wide, I thought she'd get her shot.

Well she did, but she didn't sprint like she normally does.

As Harry Styles once said, Story of my Life.

So this week is vitally important so we don't fall into the negative, I've gone over the form with a fine tooth comb, here's what I've come up with.

Rosehill Race 8 - Criaderas - $2.60

I was at the Noosa Surf Club when this fellow ran first up a fortnight ago, I think the whole pub was on it, including all the bar staff and kitchen hands.

Rachel King from barrier 1, he'll just flop out the back and probably be near enough to last in the run, that's his style.

The obvious concern is getting held up on the run and not getting the gaps when he needs them but I think there will be good speed in this with Buffalo River going forward with Greyworm.

I actually hope we're not too far back in the run, there's a couple of horses first up that might be a bit slow and we don't want to get stuck behind them.

Banking on King to find the right run and then look out the last 100m!

The danger is probably Rock around $8 with Tommy Berry on board but goes better, much better, second up.

We night get better than $2.60 on race day!

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