This'll win on Saturday, Vol 20.

Alrighty - Emerald Kingdom got taken on in front and stuck in the neck out for us - god bless him.

We're up to the 20th edition of this series, the returns are okay, the last few weeks have been good.

I can feel we're really about to hit a purple patch.

If you'd had $100 on every runner when we've tipped them before market moves but after deductions, you're sitting at the following:

Outlay: $1,800

Return: $2,300

There was one scratching in there and we haven't counted Quackerjack in that, even though we all had it each way, I can't bet each way for the sake of this blog.

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Alright, maths out of the way, let's find another one this week.

Caulfield Race 5 - Pinkham - $2.50

This is a serious horse.

Here's what trainer Mick Price said after her recent trial win.

Presume she'll go forward and sit outside the leader. Not thrilled with barrier 10 but it does allow her just to get some space early to do her own thing and if she doesn't have to use too much petrol to get across, surely this just win.

$2.50 in early markets, not sure what the market does with this, you could make a case for it firming up to even money, or you could understand if it drifts being only its second start.

I'll take the $2.50 today.

This looks like a pretty nice horse - let's hope it proves that on the weekend.

Good luck & gamble responsibly.

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