This'll be the next Broncos signing

Adam Reynolds is a Bronco.

I love it.

He's not the best halfback of all-time, but if you take him out of the current Rabbitohs outfit, they struggle big time.

He's influential.

Look at last week as an example, the Storm thumped them.

Admittedly they didn't have Latrell either and I'm not suggesting he's worth 50 points, but he's a leader and the backbone of the Bunnies.

Now he's going to be the backbone and presumably skipper of the Broncos.

So who's next?

It's all pointing towards Uncle Wayne returning to Red Hill.

Bellyache isn't coming, not next year at least.

The new sides in the NRL might be stalling and there seems to be some unknowns about what is going on there.

Wayne's contract is up with the Bunnies and it's pretty clear he won't be at Redfern next year.

Back to Brisbane?

Maybe in a Coaching Director sort of role you'd think and helping Kevvy get this side back up to near the top of the tree where we belong.

Makes sense?

Everything might be falling into place, Kotoni has re-signed, Reynolds is coming and the forward pack is strong and getting better.

The Broncos big wigs have said no to Josh Hodgson, another decision I like because that means they're putting their faith in Jake Turpin.

Now there's talk about Nicho Hynes & Dane Gagai.

I'd love Gagai, just get him to wear a Maroons jersey under his Broncos strip because that guy loves the origin arena.

Yes, we lost Xavier Coates, he can finish well as we know, but he's not as influential as the others I've mentioned, it's hard to be when you're out on the wing.

But jeez this gives me some hope.

It really does.

This year might be a write-off, not as bad as last year, we're doing better than 2020 at least, hard not to I suppose.

Let's not forget we'll get back Kotoni soon as well.

This weekend will be tough, Manly's second half against the Warriors last week was nothing short of outstanding.

Tommy Turbo is a star - not breaking news I know.

Am I getting ahead of myself with the whole Wayne Bennett thing?

Him returning to Brisbane, a dominant and feared Brisbane Broncos at a packed Suncorp Stadium with 1,000 beers in hand and then a pit stop up Caxton St on the way home is absolutely what dreams are made of.

My dreams at least.

We'll just have to make sure he doesn't sign Darius Boyd!

Pray for Wayne.

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