This'll be nasty today

If I am reading this right, Souths vs Canterbury may well be the biggest margin ever in a game in the NRL.

Does anyone know what the current biggest winning margin ever is?

I did some research, in 1935, St George defeated Canterbury by 85 points.


In more recent times, it was 2003, Parramatta beat Cronulla 74-4.

The halftime score in that one was only 24-4.

Holy shit.

Jame Lyon scored 5 tries and even Nathan Hindmarsh had a goal kick - that's fairly insulting isn't it!

Do the Bunnies get near that today?

I think so.

Maybe they fall just short.

Canterbury lose to the Broncos by 24-0 last week, that's not the sort of form you want to be taking into a match when you're taking on one of the premier contenders.

They might fight early, maybe it's only a 20 point margin at halftime, but the second half the floodgates just open.

Alex Johnston 5 tries again?


Latrell Mitchell will get the 3 Dally M Points for 6 try assists or something like that I reckon.

Kick off is not far away, I am taking Souths Sydney giving up 46.5, that's paying $8.50.

For the record, I'll go Bunnies 68 - 6.

Can you believe the Doggies actually beat them last time?

Imagine if the Bulldogs came out and won, now that would be a good yarn.

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