This is what makes Novak so good…

40% of you will see the headline and not even reach this sentence.

30% of you will get halfway and think I’m an absolute d***head.

29.99% of you will battle your way through the whole article and still think I’m a d***head.

That leaves 0.01% of you that may understand what I’m trying to say.

Novak Djokovic’s recent requests for quarantine favours has been taken...well let’s be generous and say negatively, by public and politicians alike.

The requests seem unrealistic at best, fitness and training materials in all rooms, better food options, visits by coaches and personal trainers, even relocation of tennis players to private houses with a tennis court.

We can laugh at his plan, we can be angry at the fact he’s actually being serious. Truth is, most brains aren’t wired the way Djokovic’s is. The same reasons we’re all totally perplexed and bamboozled by his thoughts, are the same reasons we’re venting our frustrations behind a keyboard whilst he’s making millions of dollars on the ATP circuit.

Say what you like about the bloke, he’s a top five tennis player to ever walk planet earth. Do you think he got to that position by thinking like the average person?

He doesn’t have the flourishing shot making, eye-catching class of Federer. Sure, he’s got an abundant of talent we could only dream of, but his game is built on hard work, on extreme levels of physical and mental fitness.

This is just another example of someone who’s had to think outside the box to get to and sustain where he is. Although his plans may not necessarily materialise, at least a couple of them should.

Tennis players should be delivered whatever fitness and sporting materials they’re after. Cricket Australia have paid for BBL players to have their own private gyms away from the public, a domestic sport worth significantly less than international tennis. The general public have had fitness and sporting equipment delivered to them in quarantine for the last nine months.

There’s already been a massive uproar about tennis balls being thumped into walls in players rooms. Yet the famous stories of Steve Smith tapping the floor and shadow batting late at night is all cute and amazing.

They should also be provided with whatever food options they wish. They are elite athletes at the end of the day, their dietary requirements should always reflect that when in the pre-performance phase.

Throughout such a difficult period over the last year, sport has so often been the one thing that’s kept us sane. I want high quality tennis, thrilling five-set epics that leave us on the edge of our seat. In order to have that, we must acknowledge that their needs are a little larger than the general publics.

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