This is the toughest job in the NRL

Toughest job in the NRL right you ask?

No, it's not Trent Barrett @ the Bulldogs.

And no, it's not Kevin Walters' task @ the Broncos.

It's not even what Todd Payten is working with up in Townsville.

They're all tough gigs right now, but I reckon there's something a little bit harder right now which would be cause for some sleepless nights.

It's the social media departments for those shitty clubs.

Imagine working for say the Dogs, Broncos or Cowboys and having to spit out good content on a daily basis?

What could you possibly post that'll provide any form of happiness to your fan base.

Oh, I forgot Dessy and Manly, they're going no good either.

Perhaps those four clubs, the Bulldogs, Broncos, Cowboys & Manly should have a little round robin tournament amongst themselves.

Anything the social media team do, they're going to cop criticism from the gremlins on social media, it's just not a good position to be in.

Check out some of the comments on this Bulldogs post after their uninspiring loss to the Rabbitohs on Good Friday.

Now let's contrast that with some of the content from the Penrith Panthers for example, they're undefeated, plenty of smiles, lots of love and positivity.

You know, stuff like this.

Or this sort of content from the Souths Sydney Rabbitohs, they're just having a laugh with this paid sponsorship stuff right after a win.

It's all too easy.

I really feel for these poor people having to work in the marketing and social media departments for these clubs that couldn't win a chook raffle.

They're probably not earning much, they're supporters are just laying into them at every opportunity and you wouldn't think the office vibe would be exactly buzzing.

Oh how a win or two can change so many lives...

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