This is still the best bet of the year

I'll keep this short.

We've waxed lyrically about what we think of the Titans in season 2021.

You can read about that here.

We won't repeat all that stuff, but the Titans are still $1.95 to make the Top 8 - the markets haven't really moved - it's ridiculous.

David Fifita & Tino Fa’asuamaleaui.

Two huge gets.


Don't forget as well, they finished season 2020 with a wet sail in finishing 9th.

Round 1 they've got the Warriors, Round 2 it's the Broncos, then Round 3 it's the Cowboys.

Admittedly, 2 of those are away games but every chance they start 3 & 0.

I am going to ride this bet the whole season because the Titans are just going to continue to get better.

$1.95 is so generous from the wonderful people @ PlayUp.

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