This guy is built for origin

I am putting Nathan Brown in the same bracket as Anthony Watmough and perhaps even Nate Myles.

Oh and don't forget Greg Bird, he's like him too.

This guy is just readymade for origin. Tough and uncompromising.

Only 17 minutes last night off the bench for NSW, Brown put together 4 hit ups for 28m and 9 tackles.

What about his first hit up of the game? Jake Friend won't be remembering it too fondly.

Friend got bounced!

When a bit of biffo broke out in the 56th minute of the game, Brown was in the thick of it. This guy is tough and brings plenty of aggression.

He's the type of guy you'd just love to have on your side.

He's been doing it all year for Parramatta, in fact he's been doing for a couple of years and now has his opportunity to pull on the blue jersey.

How's that hit on Napa from a few years back?

He's not shy on taking on the big enforces in the game.

You might have heard in the commentary last night, Brown is a veteran of 3 internationals for Italy and he has now amassed 100 NRL games.

At the age of 27, Brown has some good footy ahead of him and he's going to be a serious headache for the Maroons for the next 5 or so years.

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