This got no where near enough attention

Two years ago, the Canterbury Bulldogs had a good old fashioned blow out on Mad Monday.

Remember those photos? The boys ripped in at the Harbour View Hotel. Drinking and dancing nude, ultimately a couple of players were hit with good behaviour bonds.

The media got involved, as they do, then the NRL stepped in, fining the club $250,000. I think in the end, the fine might have been halved and the club was put on notice to not let that sort of thing happen again.

Well it certainly didn't happen this year.

I was a fan of the Dogs all year, they didn't have the most talented group, but jeez they fought hard. Aside from the final round whitewash at the hands of the minor premiers, the Dogs put up a fight in almost every match.

I'm glad they didn't get the spoon! The broncos deserved that thing more than anyone!

They've bought in Trent Barrett for next year, they're making some changes and they've got some cash to spend. Things are looking up!

But the best part?

Two days removed from the end of their 2020 season, the Bulldogs squad was not partaking in your traditional end of year celebrations. Oh no.

What did this group do? They traded the costumes and the beers for shovels and club polos.

Instead of going on a pub crawl, the playing group, joined by their staff, were at a church as part of an initiative by the Rev Bill Crews Foundation in Ashfield.

They cooked for homeless people and helped tidy up the grounds. They interacted with members of the community, packed care packages and gave up their time for those who needed a hand.

Now you should never do things like this purely for any form glorification or recognition from anyone, including the media. But this needs to be celebrated.

Two years ago, they were the villains and I am sure at some point in the future, someone from within this playing group is going to do something wrong that becomes wonderful clickbait material.

Like the NBA, among other sporting codes in the US have done with their firm stance against racial injustice, what this Bulldogs roster has done this week reminds us that it's more than just a game.

Playing professional sport provides a platform to do good, to influence young people and to make a difference.

Well done to the Canterbury Bulldogs, that was classy.


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