This fuckhead should be banned for life

There's a photo doing the rounds of prominent English horse trainer Gordon Elliott casually sitting on a dead horse giving the peace sign.

The horse has died of a heart attack, this asshole is on the phone and just perched up on it.

For context, this trainer has won the Grand National three times, he knows his shit.

He's currently been banned while authorities investigate.

Not much to investigate to my eye.

This guy is a crumb.

This grinds my gears so much, as everyone would know, I fucking love horse racing and am not normally one to cry too much about the welfare of the animal - I think they're treated quite okay, most of the time at least.

But this is fucking appalling.

Sitting up their really smug waving the peace sign - what a fucking shameful act.

Fuck you Gordon Elliott.

Blog over.

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